The NextGuide Reminder Button

The NextGuide Reminder Button is a free tool to help TV Networks drive and track live TV tune-in. Users sign up to get email/SMS/push notifications about their favorite shows which in turn directly contributes to live TV watching.

This powerful call to action will help you engage your audiences, and open up a world of new real-time data and insight into their behaviors.


A typical show website today. The most important info is tucked away in a corner. This must stop!


Here's the NextGuide Reminder Button, with the show color/font/design, and simple audience-friendly language. Ahhh, so straightforward, so actionable!!


Now, when the big moment hits? Your engaged audience receives more useful reminders on: email, SMS, Facebook, iOS, Android, Twitter, smoke signals, etc...

Benefits of the Reminder Button
  • Increases Tune-in by delivering targeted reminders to show fans that their program is about to begin(NextGuide Reminder email open rate more than double industry standard email open rates)
  • Improves delayed viewing data (C3) by allowing consumers to set their DVR from any web browser
  • Enables the targeted promotion of other similar network content(20% of Reminder users create an additional same-network Reminder within first 3 weeks)
  • Drives traffic back to your digital properties
  • Empowers networks / studios to make more informed programming decisions based on your audience's taste profiles

Try it out right here:

Or set a reminder for some of our other favorite shows and celebrities:

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Doctor Who
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Ready to move audience engagement into the digital era?